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The Amiga has two types of RAM, Chip and Fast.

The trapdoor port can host a 1MB Chip RAM expansion to lift your Amiga's Chip RAM to its max of 2 Megabytes. After that, Fast RAM can be added for example with kipper2k's 4MB adapter. a 4MB adapter should suffice for most classic games except those that have too many disks (like graphic adventures). I think 2MB of Chip RAM is quite a must. It's the memory the custom chips access therefore it's used to store game graphics and sound data. Many games are enhanced if you have more chip RAM.

My A600 has 2MB of Chip RAM and that's all, and although a bunch of WHDLoad games run, a lot of them do so without preloading the disk image contents to RAM and suffer of "system flashes", basically, WHDLoad going "back into the system in a flash" to load and making music stutter and graphics blink while loading this data.

With kipper2k's 4MB of Fast RAM upgrade, you can forget about that problem. I think it's a neat and affordable add-on and if I don't end up buying an ACA620 accelerator I will definitely get that, although I don't use my A600 much for gaming. I wonder if WHDLoad would be fine with it if you just had 1MB of Chip RAM. The problem is that opening a folder with icons eats up Chip RAM, so if you launch stuff from Workbench, even if you had enough Fast RAm to load the entire game to RAM, the game might not have enough Chip RAM to store its graphics and audio data. So this is why I say 2MB Chip is essential.
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