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Whats to consider when buying a mem upgrade? (A600)

As in my other threads, i mentioned i obtained a very early A600 with kickstart .299.

After a lot of very helpful advice from a lot of you, its basically been decided that i'm going use my PCMCIA adapter with CF card as the hard drive (as I've found it can still be used for file transfers by creating new folders in the EXPANSION folder within windows). However, after a few choice posts regarding WHDLoad and a few bits of other info I've googled, it appears im not really able to get by with the standard 1MB of RAM unless i wish to use floppies for my games.

Now, as mentioned previously, i WOULD prefer to use floppies for the games, but given how bit-rotten a lot of games today are, i highly doubt i'l be able to find enough working disks to be able to do this, so it doesnt seem like i have a choice.

Would i be able to stick with 1MB of RAM, can i "get away" with 2MB (an expansion using the trap door on the underside of the board which i am faaaaaar more comfortable installing) or should i get a 4MB expansion, which is cheaper than the 2MB from what i gather but i am not too thrilled about its installation procedure as a don't know enough about my Amiga's internals to confidently start prodding about in there.

I can't seem to find a definitive answer out there, just arguments between whether or not 2MB is sufficient.
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