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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
I just don't understand why anyone would want to have scandoubler/flickerfixer for A1200/A4000/CD32???

Just buy one of these and LCD-TV to get nice flicker free hires picture.

Scandoubler is just one more component to have problems. ECS is diffrent thing, it replaces graphic chip, gives a RTG modes etc., but for AGA everything just simplier and more reliable with LCD-TV.

not all tvs can display through scart and accept the signal that an amiga outputs.(all mine can,but thats not the point)

besides peaple may want to use a s/vga screen or higher than normal screenmode,for example.


if you have any news, even if there has been no progress with the config tool please say something to tell peaple you are still working on it.

i know patience is a vertue,but this has been a long time comming.just simply talking to peaple will ease there minds.

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