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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
The best part of doing it the way I do it is that then you have a fully accessible Amiga volume readable on your PC. You can just add folders and copy stuff straight to it using Windows and it will run in the Amiga (save for those rare cases where file naming and otehr issues forbid you form doing so).

Also since the PCMCIA device is easily removable and replaceable, it beats having to open your miggy to put the hard drive/cf card into your PC to fire up WinUAE and do stuff to it.

As the cherry on the icing, CF or SD media is really cheap. you can get a 2GB SD card for next to nothing and this is all the storage I need
I feel i should add my reasoning on why ive chosen to attempt this the "soft" way rather than manipulating hardware and other physical components of my amiga.

As a kid, i grew up in a very rural area and as a result was confined to the indoors and the Mega Drive/Master System we owned at the time. At around 7 years old i discovered a new friend down the street and this kid had an A500. I'd never seen one before and we would have hours of fun simply typing rude words into the Say function (more fun than i probably should have, even for a 7 year old). I never actually did get one, and it fell into a legendary status for me.

20 years later, and i'm an avid collector of classic games. My Girlfriend is probing about it because i figure she wants to get me something special for christmas, and whenever anyone brings up childhood gaming, i always revert to "the ones that got away". The days of walking a mile down the street just to see if this kid was in so i could play James Pond, Gods or Puggsy (still my favourite to this day). She gets me the A600.

Now, the last thing i want to do is rip this thing to bits and start changing everything about it. Mainly, to me anyway, its like saying "Cheers for the a600 but you should've got the a1200 instead so i'm going to fix your incorrect gift with my upgraded parts". Secondly, she's concerned that she did "wrong" and bought a dud because, at least out of the box, i haven't gotten anything to work on it due to all the disks that came with it being bit-rotten. (thankfully, the James pond 1 original i bought on ebay for 99p still works wonders). So, it would be nice to show her the machine works perfectly fine without having to muck about with the interiors, and the PCMCIA HD is the perfect way to do that. Admittedly, i'm a little disappointed i'm not going to be able to use floppies anymore, but that's just trivial.
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