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Hehe lordofchaos, as you can tell it was a silly question.

Efficiency and cleanness are opposites on a fixed platform. Also, game programmers at the time didn't seem to have time [in their contracts] for writing clean or efficient code. Some purposely didn't (for cross-platform purposes). Also, there is no motivation to write beautiful code for a commercial product, but much more motivation to make the game fun, impressive, and appealing. I wouldn't say that motivation exists anywhere, or ever has, to be honest. Many coders cared about delivering proper and tested code, with a little optimization here and there, though. But it's quite clear that only a few coders in its heyday reached what the A500 was capable of.

When it comes to bugs, you really have to compare with the ambition. If you take a football type game, simple shooter, or platform jumper, there really isn't that much advanced code going on.

If you have a game containing a galaxy of planets that you can travel to with a crew and accelerate time as well as render this universe correctly, you have a whole set of new ambitious pieces of code that have to work together. Therefore I would suggest Braben and Woakes. I'm overlooking a bunch of programmers, of course. For example, Braybrook was a great coder, held back a little in performance by Graftgold's object-oriented programming system. While he wasn't "greedy in ambition", he nevertheless finished some ace game I still enjoy now and then.

If you're asking cos you're getting bugs in WHDLoad, that's a completely different story. The WHDLoad gang are adapting code written before accelerators and AGA existed, and it's generally hard to make all WHDLoad slaves work with such a rig. Very few games bugged at all on A500/kick 1.3. Maybe 1 out of 100, if that.
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