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Originally Posted by foob View Post
Well, if im stuck i suppose i will need the disk at some point anyway. Looks like i'll have to take you up on your offer after all.

How would you like to do this? shall i post you out a few blank disks and then you just send them back with WB on them? if so, i only have 1.44MB disks i've taped up some im not sure enough if they are suitable. Hit me up in PM if you would prefer to discuss in private, ill be on for a while yet. - included proof of my original WB 2.05 disks just to show this isnt an elaborate solicitation and everythings above board.

dont worry about blanks i have thousands.
i dont need proof at all,i just want to help.

just send me a pm with your address and postcode and there yours

by the way does your easyadf disk look like this?

im just curius.

EDIT:when using the workbench disks its good idea to only backup disks of the originals,saves alot of hassle in the future.

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