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Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
you can actually install workbench to a cf card in winuae using the 4 adf files you have.(in your case its probably 2.05?)

i think easyadf requires you boot from a workbench disk or harddive so you can install it.
I have just tried this and unfortunately, i don't appear to have any clue what im doing at all. Is there a step-by-step guide around anyone on how to configure winUAE to be able to do this? Bear in mind ive only just recently figured out how to get winUAE to even boot something at all so im not the greatest with the amiga stuff yet.

EDIT: i have maanged to google this;-

i am going to try it now and see if i get anywhere. If anyone notices any glaring errors with that guide or something else i should do please let me know so i dont break anything.
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