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EasyADF requires a Workbench Disk though. (It asks for a Workbench Disk if you want to boot from it)

I would suggest upgrading the Rom and use an internal CF HDD as has been said by others, then you can just install the EasyADF software to your HDD and store the ADF's there too. You can then use PCMCIA to transfer any new files to your Amiga.

A trapdoor Ram upgrade will also be very useful or Kipper2k's 4mb internal upgrade:

This will even allow you to play games via WHDLoad and thus eliminating the need to use unreliable floppy's.

Like Roy I can also send you the Workbench Disks you need if you get stuck

I also can help with setting up an internal HDD, I might even have a spare 37.300 Rom here that will help you use CF HDD.

All the best.

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