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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
If no CF/HD is available, (as in this case), then you can use Ram: but, you need at least 2mb.

Your problem is that without a Harddrive or PCMCIA adapter (with CF card), you are restricted in the use of EasyADF and you will have to rely on Ram:

I'm assuming you only have 1mb Ram: (open the trapdoor on the bottom of the Amiga, if it's empty, i.e no card installed, = 1mb)

Either upgrade to 2mb or buy a PCMCIA adapter and CF card. Or both.

Adding an Internal HD will probably mean upgrading the kickstart to 37.300, 37.350 or 40.63 (3.1).
Sorry, this was posted after my reply so i didnt get to see this before i submitted.

I already have a CF adapter (i bought it along with the EasyADF software) and a 4GB CF card seperately, although its not a Transcend one (Kingsotn, to be precise). Also, i am a naturally curious person and ive already wondered what that trapdoor was for and peeked inside. It is empty, and thank you for telling me what actually is supposed to go in there.

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
i can send you the disks,if its ok by the mods.

which workbench disks would you like?

thats of course if your drive is ok.
Thank you for your kind offer, but if you don't mind i would like to wait until i have ad the chance to try my disk-drive cleaning kit first. If its simply a case of a dirty drive and i do have a working set of bench disks i see no reason to inconvenience you over something as selfish as my own impatience. I have put 1st class on these anyway so i should get them by Tuesday/Wednesday hopefully if the christmas post doesn't throw a spanner in the works.

EDIT;- i have just thought of some information i should probably provide here. I was sent only 3 workbench disks (Bench/Fonts/Extras). i notice in my .adf collection that there are 4 .adf files present, the fourth being a disk labelled Install which i presume is for HD users to install workbench directly to the HD. Will this be a problem? From what gaps i am filling in myself, if i have to use winUAE to install workbench to the CF card, shouldnt i be able to use the .adf file i have to do that OK? or am i waaaaaaaaay off and it works nothing like i am assuming it does.
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