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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You definitely should get a hard drive solution, although with the EasyADF kit, you can actually use that external CF as your hard drive and forget about fitting an internal one
Now this intrigues me. I was not aware this was possible. As far as i could find anyway. Please tell me more about this.

Also, as far as the workbench disks from amigakit, the only ones i could find (and, i cannot find them as of today but maybe its just me) were the ones for Kickstart 3.1. They were £22 not including the £15 for the ROM and P&P which is just a price i would prefer not to pay right now.

One thing i did find though, is that they have a 2.05 ROM Kickstart 37.250, which supposedly includes hard drive support. Would it possible to get away with this ROM, and from what i gather i'd have to use winUAE or something to install workbench to the CF card? (i have all versions of the workbench .adfs already)
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