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Originally Posted by foob View Post
This being the case, how useful is it to turn new and sealed 1.44MBs into 720ks?
Not useful at all. The problem gets wose the more dense the media is, this is why my 5.25 double sided C64 floppies are still kind of OK while my Amiga disks are all but dead. Also 1.44 disks nevr liked that and didnt last long.

I'll say this again: forget about floppy disks. You have a hard drive capable Amiga which is a blessing.

Also, qhat would be the best way to aquire a known-working workbench disk?
Sorry, but none. If i had ANY blimming working floppy disks I'd gladly send you a copy, alas, I don't and I am not looking forward to buy any more. Maybe Amigakit has some? Or someone in Amibay that can be 100% vouched for. but I wouldn't blame them if the disk gets faulty after they send it out or something.

You definitely should get a hard drive solution, although with the EasyADF kit, you can actually use that external CF as your hard drive and forget about fitting an internal one (specially if your kickstart gives you problems with the internal one). Again, if I had any working fucking floppies, I'd send you a bootdisk that boots a workbench off the PCMCIA CF.
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