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Lightbulb Future suggestions for WHDizing

How about the WHDLoad team start work on coverdisk demos? After all, they've already done installs for a few coverdisk demos (ATR Xmas, Putty Squad Demo, Fire & Ice Xmas etc.), so why not do some more of them? I can make a list of which demos need to be HD-installable if you like. And I will consider uploading a few coverdisks to start off with if you like. What do you think?

Also, speaking of WHDLoad in general, maybe they could have a look at these games as well:

Dennis (ECS & AGA)
Virocop (ECS & AGA)
FIFA International Soccer (doesn't want to work on HD thru emulators, even with the required assigns)
Project X Extra Level (I remember obtaining this from somewhere and it basically had one level that you went to instantly, no titles, no intros, no options, nothing - you went straight in there. I think it's a level that's not in the original game (Original or SE) and it might do with some help)
Wibble World Giddy (or "Giddy" as it's sometimes known)
Giddy 2
Gravity Force
Sonic Boom
California Games
California Games 2
Battle For The Ashes
Fireforce CD³² (has problems starting up on HD)
Sensible Soccer (Floppy & CD³²)
Tennis Champs
Super Tennis Champs (+ Data Disks)
Wrath Of The Demon CDTV (has problems starting up on HD)
Pinball Prelude (ECS & AGA)
Game Boy Tetris
Dizzy's Excellent Adventures
Fantastic Dizzy
Bandit Mania
Winning Post
Technology 2
Mental Image Game Disks 1 & 2

There's definitely more, but I want to start out with a small list for now, so it's easier.
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