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Would anyone be able to help with identifying problems with a new A600?

First of all, hi. long time lurker only just managed to buy my first amiga and thus finally created an account.

I have just receivedmy very first Amiga (A600 w/ kickstart 37.299). I have never had an amiga (even as a kid) and always longed for one so this christmas was kind to me, and i was lucky enough to have one purchased for me from Amazon. However, when trying to use it, a few things seem to be a little out of sorts. Although, because i'm fresh to this scene, im not sure what is out of place and what isnt. I was hoping a few of you could look at my list of little problems and tell me if theres anything i should be concerned about or can fix myself easily. I have done a bit of research on my own but again, im still not sure about stuff.

First of all, the amiga that was purchased came from Amazon, second hand used (obviously). it appears physically in good condition with slight yellowing to keys as would be expected and was included with a few original disks (games etc), but did NOT come with Workbench. Now, 90% of the disks that came with the Amiga do not work with roughly the same error (Disk Block Read Error sector <xxx>), and one or two of the disks ive purchased on ebay too. However, one or two DO work perfectly fine, including the EasyADF software i purchased from amigakit which appears to be a brand new floppy (with a CF reader). What is very frustrating about this is i bought a set of matching workbench disks from ebay (2.05) and these do not work either (which according to the auction text were good condition and tested working, although pinch of salt because "ebay"), and i need these disks to be able to create other disks using EasyADF and a few sealed blanks i bought on ebay too. Given the ratio of disks that do not work, i am unsure whether or not i have a faulty floppy drive or im just simply intensely unlucky with my disks.

Secondly, i'm concerned that this Kickstart ROM will not allow EasyADF to work even if i did have working workbench disks. From what ive read, the 37.299 ROM "does not include a PCMCIA driver" which to me does not make any sense, as why have the slot on there if it wont work? The description on the site where i purchased EasyADF only mentioned that it was compatible with an A600 and didnt mention anything about various kickstart requirements, and amigakit is usually very good with that kind of stuff given the products it sells). Am i going to have to upgrade my Kickstart ROM before even attempting to write .adf's to floppy?

Thirdly, assuming i do have to upgrade the kickstart ROM, is there any guides out there on how to do this? ive had a good look around google and youtube and suprisingly i can't seem to find anything on it at all. I'm competent with PCs and from what ive seen of the inside of the amiga it appears i can just lift the chip out with a screwdriver and pop in the replacement but i would very much like to have a guide or just a few do's and don'ts handy before i start pulling stuff to pieces that i've never had any prior experience with.

Sorry for the wall of text, cheers.
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