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I have a trivial but serious issue when it comes to converting movies/tv shows into hv for the classic Amiga. My issue is getting the frame rate to synch with the audio when I do avi4hv. I am unable to get any other show converted for Amiga classic after I have done the first one (ren and stimpy). It is because if there are frame rate like 28.837 avi4hv turn it into 29 or 28. This little difference of 0.837 causes an error in conversion and there is a little obvious unsync between animation and audio. So I am wondering if there is away to resolve this in the windows side when I save the audio as .wav and the video as .avi and I combine them together with avi4hv that they are synched (audio and image) together and it continues with conversion and does not stop at 800 MB with an error.

That is my problem. Anyone who have faced the same problem but resolved it, I would love your help in this regard so I can continue my work.

Thanks in advance.
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