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As scene seems to became smaller and smaller each years, Parties were great to offer ppl to meet them together. If it turn into LAN then perhaps it's simply due because ppl move into others interests..
I hate these sentence but "i remember in the old days" no party was needed to release a demo. Lot of prods were done for fun, also to show their skills but with the growing popularity of some party such as The Party or Mekka, it became a business. The friendship turn into a real competition, the good point is that it really give some good demos. Believe me or not but i remember seeing Gengis/COMPLEX hide behind a box of paperboard to not allow ppl to see his demos. Nice paranoia. I don't know if he got some fun at this party but ppl around get some
Of course it wasn't a majority of people. I remember these good days, i think they can't be the same now, it's a bit as trying to get the same fun i got in the past with those old games. I recently discover some old games i never play before such as Dune II and was really enjoy with it whereas playing to Turrican quickly bored me. I've not play to recent games on PS2 or others consoles but i think i could have some fun such as RCK seems to get at each new Shoot'em up

BTW i think sceners want to be "recognized" for their work, get some attention from software companies, now they get it.
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