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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Not a bug. Doublescanned modes disable line doubling because all other doublescan modes would be too high with line doubling. (Don't say just enable if it is "small enough". It isn't that simple
I figured out a workaround for that problem. You need to force the Amiga to always output an interlaced signal. Do that with the Lacer command like this: Lacer 1

With that Super72 800x300 screens appears as they should, albeit interlaced. But with WinUAE as opposed to a real Amiga that's generally not much of a problem.

The workaround isn't perfect; modes like Productivity 640x480 then appear as double-height, occupying 640x960 pixels in the emulation Window. On the other hand, that height-doubling could be useful if the user wants their Workbench to have a similar pixel aspect ratio to a 640x256 PAL high-res screen.

For years I thought Lacer did nothing. Until I disassembled it today and found out that when you run it without arguments, it only toggles the LACE bit in BPLCON0 if a genlock is connected. You have to specify 0 or 1 to disable/enable if you don't have a genlock. [Apparently Commodore included Lacer with the OS because A500s and (B)2000s don't always output interlaced video when a genlock is connected. That's probably a bug in Fat Agnus which was most likely fixed with ECS Agnus.]

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