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It's curious because I can vouch what Akira is saying. I've had 6 Amigas A500 KS1.2, A600, 2xA1200, A4000 and CD32 and all of them shifted the image to the right. I still have the A500, A4000 and CD32 and they continue to shift the image to the right even with modern monitors. In the A4000 back in the time i've upgraded the system with a CV64 which has the passthrough connector from the 23pin to the internal input VGA connector and on my 14" Microvitec the AGA image was dead center as was the RTG. So for some reason the CV64 aligned the Amiga signal. The same happens with a Sony 15" Multiscan that I use on it for the last 11 years.
Back in the day I knew an interacted with about 15 people with Amigas from A500 to A600 and ALL of them the image shifted to the right since they had to regulate the H knobs on the monitors.
This is my expirience with the subject.
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