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You are not understanding me. This is not a WinUAE question. I KNOW you can center the display on WinUAE. But this is not the Amiga's NATURAL way of displaying a picture.

On a REAL Amiga, the picture sways to the right of the monitor. It happens on an LCD TV through RGB, it happens on a monitor through Composite and it happens on my scandoubled display on a 14" VGA CRT. As I said, I probably just kept the image corrected on my old 1084S back in the day, but I do remember changing the resolution would make it move.

This is a FACT and it isn't up for doubting. My A600 a bit less, my a1200 a LOT.
I just checked the CD32 again, and it does have more border on the left side, but not too much. So far, is the most centered Amiga display I have seen. The A500 I had briefly did this too. Every Amiga does it. But why??
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