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Originally Posted by Coagulus View Post
I love BASIC! Have programmed in other languages but nothing I've used has that "leave for years and still understand it" readability. I use it because it gets what I need done.

Most of my releases have been written in Blitz Basic either for Amiga or PC so far.

There's a disc image of some Sam Coupe stuff I did in 1991/92 which contains finished and unfinished BASIC proggys.

Works on SAM emulators.
Originally Posted by spud View Post
The 512x192 mode (mode 3) is only 2 bits per pixel. It needs just a 24KB frame buffer you can place anywhere you like in available RAM, taking up one and half pages. All the memory, including whatever you assign to the frame buffer can be paged in and out at will, you only need the frame buffer paged in to update it, once done, page it out and you have use the memory space for something else.

SAM doesn't use I/O registers for writing to video ram. It is all part of that 64KB memory block addressable to the Z80.
Hmm. It access the memory map directly... The ASIC controls the memory remapping, and not the memory device and the same type type of memory can be mapped many times in different pages. Its different from the MSX!

Thanks everyone, the SAM is an interesting machine, I am glad to know it!

I am looking for other BASIC programs again, if you guys find one please tell me, ok?

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