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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Set Workbench to Super72 super-high res laced (800x600). Run a program which opens a Super72 super-high res non-laced custom screen (800x300). The non-laced screen appears half-height. If you drag it down so the Workbench is exposed slightly (and therefore the Amiga output becomes interlaced) it changes to full-height. Drag the screen back up and it reverts to half height.
Not a bug. Doublescanned modes disable line doubling because all other doublescan modes would be too high with line doubling. (Don't say just enable if it is "small enough". It isn't that simple)

The next issue shows up with AGA chipset emulation. The Super72 display is offset to the right.
Not a bug either. Mode has larger empty space in left side. I guess it is needed to allow AGA 64-bit fetch mode screen without losing overscan or something like that. (You can see it easily by making window very wide and disabling border blanking)

The next issue shows up with AGA chipset emulation and a couple of tooltypes set in the Super72 monitor driver:
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