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I cannot help but issue a warning: The modern USB Competition Pro Joysticks from Speedlink have a lot of lag, which makes them basically unusable for any serious gaming. The Classic 9-pin Joysticks from Speedlink are ok, but require a 9-pin to USB adapter.

I use mostly two solutions for retrogaming:
1. USB Atari Retroport from with 9-pin Competition Pro joysticks. I have a few old ones from ebay and a few of the 9-pin "classic" models from Speedlink.

2. A Mayflash Super Dualbox Pro ( ) with Playstation controllers. Both PS1 and PS2 Controllers work, but I prefer the feel of PS1 controllers, where none of the buttons are analog. I got the drivers from the Mayflash site. It contains working Windows 7 drivers and Windows XP drivers. The Super Dualbox Pro works even with a NegCon controller, which is nice for driving games in Mame.

For modern (analog stick) gaming, I use a wired Xbox360 controller. It has a very nice analog feel to it, which I like more than the analog sticks on Playstation controllers.
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