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I think it's fair to say that this wont even need to reach the target anyway for it to be made because they've likely been working on and off for years on it. This money will help though obviously and hopefully show there is at least a reasonable demand

I hope DB has the good sense to allow a customizable save system outside the game itself, for those that view the save state system like any other game feature. It's all very well saying we don't have to use it, but it's there to use. Elite worked well for it's risk vs reward but there isn't truly any risk involved with states. People can't live without their save states and that's fine but it ruins the experience for some. A choice to disable their use BEFORE you enter your game file you start the game is all it would take and to not include it here for a game of this type is a bit insulting to be honest

There was nothing more thrilling than say getting back to dock having landed a lucky scooping of cargo, to then making it out of just a few more battles than you should have attempted. It literally felt like your life is at stake at times in the original Elite. Save states change this completely but this reasoning seems lost on devs and gamers even
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