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Cheers for sorting out the legacy files.

Thanks for the info on MaxUAE.

A bit obvious but your problem sounds like an error in the MaxUAE configuration. I really do wish I could help out more .

...But why are the folders included, if they are without Content?
They are there simply so new users will have somewhere to put their stuff. They are not required and can be deleted if you do not need them.

WizARCdemo contains a picture of a pretty woman. I think Jaybee added it as a tutorial file for using WizARC.

AIAB was always intended to be primarily an enhancement to the workbench where you then build your own setup adding the applications etc. that suited your target environment.

Jaybee did build an Internet pack and a Music pack which you can get for the moment from the EAB file server.

HD-Games, these are also available on the EAB file server, the setups are several years old and I don't know how they perform with the current version of WHDLoad, I would recommend using games from or some other source. Especially as the old AIAB HD-Games will not be supported.

AIAB support for WinUAE and FS-UAE are definite. I'm quite happy to create an updated MaxAIAB.sit pack for MaxUAE but I'll only be able to add updates and fixes/corrections that are provided. Testing would have to be done by others.
...And i will Test it and put it all together, incl config file and install instructions in english and german, so Other users can take advantage of it.
Sorry missed that post .

Correct me if I'm wrong but MaxUAE was last updated (according to sourceforge) on the 2002-12-30. However untill FS-UAE is solid on Powerbook/OSX I'll do a MaxUAE.sit specific release for elowan and anybody else who gets an itch to test it. I'll add any rebuild and tutorial provided to the AIAB site when all's done.

There is no need for an Intel Mac or ppc mac as AIAB setup is script based. The install script is relatively simple, the real work is figuring out what changes to prefs etc Jaybee made and why. Also why the packages that are used were used and what role they play in the distribution.
However that detailed work is not required to update AIAB just to properly support it.
[End Edit]

Just thinking out loud:
To extract all the older AIAB exe setup files I'll need to go back to win98se as windows XP messes with the date/time stamps.
I'll need to find a decompiler for clickteams patch maker to extract r6 and r8 update files or just do the old directory compare.

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