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changed my mind pledged £100 in stead of £40
so i get...
5. Digital code apply a transferable decal to your ship which is unique to you
10. Digital newsletter and prograss updates
15. Reserve your Commander name in game (1st come...)
20. Digital copy of the game
30. Same as 20, but not limited to 10000
32. Imperial Bounty Hunter: Have the option to start in an Imperial Colony with an Eagle Mk II Fighter with upgraded weapons and shields and 1000 CR
35. Download digital copy of the official sequel to "The Dark Wheel" novel
40. Your name forms part of the naming database (so your name will be one of those used randomly for non-player in-game characters)
42. Pirate: Have the option to start with a stolen but upgraded Cobra MkIII and only 100CR
45. Download a digital copy of the "Elite: Dangerous" music
50. Participate in the second round private beta test
55. Independent Trader: Have the option to start in the Lave system with a basic Cobra MkIII and only 100CR
60. Physical DRM-free boxed edition of "Elite: Dangerous"
70. Explorer: Have the option to start on the edge of explored space with a long range version of the Cobra MkIII and 3000 CR
75. Access to the private backer's discussion forum
80. Digital Download Pack. This includes a single digital download of the game and any expansions
85. Kickstarter special: Have the option to start in the founder's world with any starter ship and 4000 CR
90. Physical DRM-free collector's premium boxed edition of "Elite: Dangerous". (in place of standard edition), which includes T Shirt with "I backed Elite: Dangerous" on the back, and a paperback copy of the official sequel to "The Dark Wheel".
100. Participate in the first round private beta test
Be a founding member of ‘The Elite’ in the game

Finally stopped at £300, with Access to Alpha Test and Design Decision Forum
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