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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
There was old, polish magazine 'Atari Secrets' with single page in each number titled '5 lines'. They showed there some amazing things in Basic and it was possible to win small prizes if your Basic program sended to them was good enough.
There was also 'Radio-Computer' - it was possible to record on tape radio signal and load that data to computer - small, simple games and demos.
I never seen something like that 5 lines in the magazines that I had. Nice idea to win more contributions that prizes.

I had some few magazines with BASIC code, but there was not prizes, wish if I had bought more of them. Its name was "Micro-Sistemas" (Micro-Systems), it was very popular at that time.

I know that ATARI had some very nice ideas to popularize its computer and create a community of BASIC programmers with its ATARI 800 range. Imagine how cool would be to participate in a community like this if it were today with the Internet.

I think for example, in something like a community where every one when have a necessity write its own software at house and shares them. Like in the old good times.

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