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Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
AIAB-Originals-File-archive-backup.rar uploaded
AVG Virus Scanned - > Clean

Cheers Prowler , this gives me a bit of breathing space and allows me to concentrate on new updates.
Thanks for that MadAngus. I'll extract it and move the files to the downloads area for everyone to share. I'll post details of where the files can be found when I've finished.

Don't worry if the archive disappears from your user folder in the meantime; it won't have been lost.

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
I'll download e-uae 0.8.29 WIP 3 for windows and see if these are common errors.
No I won't forgot there isn't any windows binaries for e-uae, Doh!.

I'd like to get to a solution for this for releasing an updated MacAIAB.
Don't worry about that either. I'll upload a set of the latest E-UAE 0.8.29 WIP Windows builds later for you to play with.

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Wonder, should the update be called osxAIAB.
I would suggest MaxAIAB. After all, the successor to MacUAE is called MaxUAE.

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
I'm going to commit to getting 10.7 updates out by 31 December at the absolute latest (sooner if possible) by hell or high water it will be done. They will be early Alpha releases, just to get something out there for testing.
Don't sacrifice quality for speed. You can rest assured that we'll all appreciate your efforts just the same whether it's done this month or next.
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