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@Bamiga2002 and All

Technically the AIAB ultimate site has not been sabotaged, I've had a lot on my plate in the last couple of months, meaning I haven't been getting things done, sorry .

As pedantic about legalities as I can be I need to get realistic on this issue as far as the older versions are concerned. As such I have a 200MB Rar'ed file with all the Original unmodified versions provided by the community organised into folders.


-- r10.6 (Last Jaybee version)

If EAB is willing they could unpack and store these on their server in an AIAB Legacy folder. What do you think, would it be easier to give temporary access to an ftp folder for upload.

This would alleviate things while I get the finger out, get my ass in gear and get 10.7 out.
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