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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld
I won't guarantee any other accelerator to work. You're free to try, and I'm happy to try for you if you pay for both ways of shipment, but don't count on me to make any patches to make other accelerators work. I've written that a number of times, and asking this question over and over again won't change my attitude towards this: If it works, then it's good for you. If someone else reports that it works but it doesn't work for you, don't blame me. I will only guarantee this to work with my ACA line of accelerators.

If you just plan to plug in the Blizzard and reply me "it works"/"it doesn't" I can do that by myself since I plan to buy an ACA500 even if it just works with your accelerators.

if sending you the Blizzard could help you to find out if it works and if there's something easily fixable in case it doesn't work then I'll send it. No guarantee of making it work together with ACA500, of course. And even if it worked I don't need it being "official" since I understand you can't guarantee that the various old blizzards with their multiple revisions still work correctly with newer gear like your ACA500.

I wasn't trying to "pressure" you asking, it was a genuine question, I knew you told Apollo cards won't work for sure but perhaps you or some of your testers tried out a different accelerator. It won't matter to me since I already have the spare accelerator.

There are too many variables - if I shall handle them all, the price of the ACA500 will not be as low as I announced.
I understand it, don't worry.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if it works, because then I'd have one more happy customer. However, it will be impossible to give customer support for any other config than the one I guaranteed. And trust me, it'll be a *very* usable configuration.
That's reasonable. I was merely curious, I'll cross my fingers.

An A500 with IndivisionECS and ACA500 with a fast accelerator will be very nice and useable.

Using a rare configuration as 060+AGA to use game ports could be seen as a waste too but I appreciate your efforts because I love all classic miggies. I could add that 060 without RTG is a waste too and that a 030 is enough for playing with AGA software but I love AGA/060 demos so I would be a liar :-P
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