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Thanks Turran! i will give this a go later on!

But the game launcher menu problems were both having kind of ruin the xbench experience at the moment, hopefully a new release will be out soon.


Update1: Turran, i just tested your cwb startup menu method and it works fine, so thanks again for that.

Update2: I also have found a workaround for the game menu launcher issue reverting back to A all the time, and it does appear that the problem is related to the size of your games folders/list and xbench not liking all your games in one list.
I have around 2000 whdload games that i have in a-z folders, and what i did was split the games in half into 2 folders with around 1000 games in each.
The folders are called Games1(a-k games) and Games2(l-z games). I then added 2 lists into the Xbench setup, one list for game1 and another for game2 and i then rescanned my games.
It appears to have fixed the issue mentioned above, i can now browse all the games in 2 separate lists without the list reverting back to A each time
It's not a perfect solution having to use 2x game lists, but it works! It appears that Xbench doesn't like one large single game list for some reason.

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