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Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
About ACA500: I have read in the Zeus thread that it can write to chipmem at 7MB/s just like A3000 (I don't know how reliable it is), do you know if that trick could be possible with ACA500?
You have misunderstood the news that were spread there. You cannot break the 3.5MBytes/s limit on an OCS/ECS machine unless you do severe changes to the Agnus<->chipmem architecture. The 7MB/s figure is merely their Fastmem performance, which is measured with AIBB, so I take it that the actual number is a lot higher (see my post in that thread; such numbers should be measured with Bustest).

Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
And more important (to me): Will phase5 accelerators like 1240/1260 work? will it include a floppy power connector to feed it with +5v so my Blizzard1240 doesn't make my A500 unstable? :-) If you lack a Blizzard1240 to test I could send you mine.
I won't guarantee any other accelerator to work. You're free to try, and I'm happy to try for you if you pay for both ways of shipment, but don't count on me to make any patches to make other accelerators work. I've written that a number of times, and asking this question over and over again won't change my attitude towards this: If it works, then it's good for you. If someone else reports that it works but it doesn't work for you, don't blame me. I will only guarantee this to work with my ACA line of accelerators.

I know for sure that Apollo 1240/1260 won't work - they have a fault in 16-bit addressing and will crash as soon as you launch setpatch. Some accelerators might use the $f0 ROM space, and that won't work either, because I also have a ROM located at $f0. Some accelerators might expect that Chipmem and ROM are 32-bit wide, but an A500 does not provide that. Some accelerators might map their memory into the lower 24-bit address space, which might confuse my internal fast-IO mapping. There are too many variables - if I shall handle them all, the price of the ACA500 will not be as low as I announced.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if it works, because then I'd have one more happy customer. However, it will be impossible to give customer support for any other config than the one I guaranteed. And trust me, it'll be a *very* usable configuration.

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