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Yes, if only it did not jump back to the top on, what we presume are, very big lists, it'd be even more awesome. I have a 2nd list of demos and that is only about 300 or so. That works fine.

Another suggestion would be: you can currently press the first letter and it will jump to the first item in the list that starts with that name. Thats very nice. What I'd like is something similar to what windows does. If you are fast, you can keep typing. So a 1-2 second delay in which it tries to find more.

Trying to find Elvira today
I press E and have to scroll down. If I type El it jumps to the item that starts with L.
What I'd like: If I press el within 2 seconds or so, it goes down to el. If I wait to long between keypresses, it goes to L as usual.

Another suggestion: if the preload value is greater then free RAM, toss up a "are you sure" or something =)

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