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Thanks for explaining Toni, it does make sense now. I think I was also thrown when my main joystick was labelled [1], and so initially I assigned Joystick [1] to port 1 and Joystick [2] to port 2, but then of course I couldn't control player 1 in the game with my main controller (joystick 1). This of course is due to the Amiga's native player 1 port being port 2, and I've been so used to playing consoles now days where player 1 = port 1, player 2 = port 2, so on and so forth, that it left me baffled.

Still I've learnt a lot over the weekend and so hopefully now I will get back to enjoying gaming again as I've lost my love of it recently. Todays games are no doubt spectacular, fantastically realistic, but most seem to have forgotten a key gaming ingredient.........FUN!

Of course ajk, I forgot about the ham, which I'm looking forward to, but understand fish is also a favourite dish served for Christmas as well if I'm not mistaken? Anyway I'm off tomorrow and will be playing Cannon Fodder on the plane, so have a good one guys!
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