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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
No, I got all 4 and I didn't get King's Advisor. I am pretty sure I studied medicine and got the best wife.

Bamiga2002, what difficulty did you pick?
always pick the highest difficulty. that way you get 20% of all the loot everytime you divide the plunder. while on easiest it is only 5%. money is very important for score.

Originally Posted by Emu Amiga View Post
My greatest achievement was attacking Panama right after a plauge struck down the local population. I scored over 600,000 gold. Ah, what a great game. I'm glad Sid Meier remade this game a few years back.

do you, or anyone else know how to prevent the citiy from receiving warning of your approach? with me they always hide all their gold.

panama is the wealthiest city all the time. I always try to take it more towards the end of the game when they are literally bathing in money.
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