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Originally Posted by jackhulk View Post
Tested and works perfectly, thank you! You are quick!

Seems simple now I understand, but very confusing when Joystick [1] is in Port 2 (so I can use it to control player 1 in game) and forever trying to assign buttons as 'Joy1', which of course I now know assigns button to that of Joystick [2] in Port 1. Couldn't the input target tags be changed to reflect what they relate too to save confusion?
JoyX and PortX are not the same thing and name of device is just a label. Number is appended if there are more than one device with identical name, it has nothing to do with port numbers. (It would be quite confusing to have 2 joysticks with exact same name in device selection menus)

GamePorts panel: Port is more correct because it configures single device (it can be mouse or joystick or gamepad etc..) connected to emulated Amiga joystick/mouse ports.

Input panel: JoyX = joystick input event. Mouse can use same port but it can't use joystick-only input events. Only buttons are "shared". Multiple devices can be connected to same "port".
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