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Happy Plans & Specs

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
What's next, Clitosa? Do you have a larger Cf Hd (or just another or you can just change yours) to install a CWB? I like 8 Gb's ones; not too small, not so expensive... (I've got 7 CF as Hd by now, from 4Gb to 32)

BTW, what are your spects? Do you have or are planning to get a ramboard or accelerator?
Hello mate, yeah still got a list

Doubt i'll be going above a 4GB in truth. But CWB has been recommend for its GUI's.

Now we've upgraded the os, reseated new roms, resolved the issues using the cf on pcmcia and finally used shell to extract and install a few additional apps, we're pretty much done.

Like you told me, learning UAE is a must So recon that will be the next step. We hope to prep our CF inside the emulator before switching it to our 1200's internal CF2IDE adapter.

According to the sysinfo our 1200 is low end 68k amiga using a 68020 processor @15.2MHz with a 4MB expansion board.

Thanks for sending that link. A better accelerator (030+) would help when dealing with music but with cost being a consideration, looks like will be sticking with just the fast ram expansion, for now at least.

Thanks for your help & interest. Will be happy to keep you posted by PM

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