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Tested and works perfectly, thank you! You are quick!

Can I ask is there a reason why under Input target port 1 & 2 are referred to as Joy1 and Joy2? This literally took me hours to figure out and was the source of much of my confusing as I thought they referring to Joystick [1] & Joystick [2]. As a result my button config was messed up to say the least, and couldn't figure it out.

Seems simple now I understand, but very confusing when Joystick [1] is in Port 2 (so I can use it to control player 1 in game) and forever trying to assign buttons as 'Joy1', which of course I now know assigns button to that of Joystick [2] in Port 1. Couldn't the input target tags be changed to reflect what they relate too to save confusion?

Or maybe it's just me.

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