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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
It looks silly I know but that's just the way the game is.
Load it up in Vice or real C64 and you'll see.
I did not load it up. But checked the screenshots on Lemon64 and they look the same.

I have encountered some Amiga games with the same flaw. I usually crop the intro and game separately to make a better looking video. But of course I accepted your movie anyway.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Added to our links page
btw hipoonios quick question for you, are these c64 videos gonna be ad free?
Thanks Kitty for adding the link. I have linked back to your site. But removed the animation from the banner. It was too annoying

The videos will be ad free on both youtube and the site itself. Just like all future Amiga longplays.

Don't watch longplays on cubex55. They have ads and will not have any C64 or new Amiga longplays. They suck!

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