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Thanks for the replies - its been interesting to see the large collections of retro game machines people have and also to see similar stories of well meaning parents giving away prized consoles.

I forgot to include my handhelds :

PSP - with custom firmware for emulation of megadrive etc
PSP - non custom firmware for PSP games and films
PSP Vita - may sell as haven't played anything on it since Uncharted

NDS - with R4 card to play old Gameboy games
3DS large - not intending to sell
GBA Micro - may sell - can play games on my DS

GBA SP - may sell - can play games on my DS
Sega Nomad - never use but like for it's uniqueness

Sold a GP2X - enjoyed it for emulation but it ate batteries like mad which made it a bit impractical as a handheld. Used funds to get the custom firmware psp.

I had a game gear when I was younger which I sold but I can't remember why as I remember enjoy playing on it.

The thread has motivated me to sort out my Xbox live connection and I am now enjoying Perfect Dark which is easing my regret of selling my N64 - if only an update of Goldeneye was released on xbla.
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