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How to maximum 1024x600 [10:6] screen without adjusting filter for each game?


I have a Samsung N220 netbook with screen size of 1024x600 [10:6] running 1.5.2 due to crackling sound with latest version. After using Null filter and settling on adjustments to maximum screen usage, I'm discovering that various games seem to use more or less screen than others, laughing in the face of my 'one size fits all' setting.

I used Cannon Fodder, IK+ and Lotus to arrive at Null filter of 1x Horiz/Vert size -343 which gave least amount of black bars, without cutting any of the various games image off. Then I fired up Seni, and that appears to use more screen than all of the others, meaning I then have to reduce Horiz/Vert to zero just to fit the entire pitch on screen. Great for Sensi, but when I replay IK+ for example, the screen is tiny again.

My setting are as follows. If it's not mentioned, then settings are as default.

>Full screen: 1024x600
>Native mode: Fullscreen
>Horizontal & Vertical setttings checked
>Correct Aspect ratio: unchecked. This actually messes up ratio badly

>Horiz/Vert size: -611 [Perfect for Lotus and IK+. Big fat fail with Cannon Fodder and Sensi though]
>Horiz. pos: 0
> Vert pos:70
>Keep aspect ratio: checked
>There is a dropbox here with 4:3 etc, but my 10:6 is not listed so I leave this disabled.

I've tried every possible combination, but can't get it right. Is it not possible then for WinAUE [1.5.2] to automatically resize according to games screen size requirements? Or will I need to save a different configuration for each different game? Or is there another way, something else I'm missing here?

Thank you

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