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I have a ps1, a dreamcast, a gamecube with the gameboy player (it is a gameboy and gameboy advance hardware that plugs under the console for those who would't know) with tons of games, connected to a CRT TV.

Also an A500 and an A1200, connected on 2 CRT TV, and a CPC 6128 with a 3"5 drive. For the three machines, about 2000 floppies.

At last, i have a dedicated PC tower with a CRT 14" monitor for coin-op games (complete Mame Plus! 0.142 set), Megadrive/Mega CD/SNES and Pc-engine games (complete set for each), and click and point adventure PC games.

I also use the dreamcast for MSX, Master System and NES games (complete set for each), C64 games (same), and Neo-geo CD games.

I won't sell anything . I think i will replace the emulated SNES by a real Super Famicom very soon, for the only reason that the emulator ZNES doesn't propose correct scanlines.

I had to code a bit to generate all the scanlines files for the vertical coin-op games, and the result is highly satisfying .

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