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Thanks guys, I'm slowly getting my head around this, but it seems WinUAE mixes up the two controllers.

When a second controller is plugged in, I noticed that the controller I was currently using in Port 2, becomes controller for player 2.

Generic USB Joystick [1] = Input target Joy2 [Player 2 in game]
Generic USB Joystick [2] = Input target Joy1 [Player 1 in game]

Why is Joystick [1] considered Joy2 instead of Joy1?

Also, when I unplug my second controller, my first controller reverts back to being listed as simply 'Generic USB Joystick' (notice the number at end is no longer present) and then I have to remap again. Is it not possible to be able to have button config saved and not lost each time a second controller is plugged in/out? WinUEA is effectively seeing the same controller as two separate devices.

I understand I could create two separate configs for this, but wondering if there is a simpler way that WinUEA will see my main joystick as the same device other than 'Generic USB Joystick' when used on it's own and 'Generic USB Joystick [1]' when a second controller is plugged in?

Hey Toni, I'm off to Loimaa on Wednesday for the holidays! Not my first time in Finland but will be my first time for Christmas. This is the very reason I am setting WinUAE up as people I'm staying with loved the Amiga, so looking forward to suprising them with this. I hear you guys celebrate Chirstmas day on Christma Eve, and that you eat fish instead of turkey?! No wonder you are know as 'Crazy Fins'!

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