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Jackhulk finds old love. Oh how I've missed you!


I am Jackhulk. I'm pretty old and so actually owned a real Amiga 1200 back in the day. I've been a huge gamer for over 25 years, but over the past year or so my love for gaming has faded big time, so maybe, just maybe, this golden oldies can revive my love.

This computer brought to me the greatest sports game ever to graze a TV screen, and that of course was Sensi! I love this game and still bang on about when playing anyone at Fifa.

I have actually used WinUAE in the past several times, but never really got around understanding it properly so I could fix things, or make a game run as should when there is a problem. Instead when this happened I opted to game on the 360 instead, then coming back to UAE months or years later only to be dazed and confused by all the different settings again.

This time however I am trying to understand everything, and make notes as I go so I won't be put off coming back to it after a sustained absence, and so hope this forum can provide answers to various questions I'm likely to have.


Friends refer to me as Jack. Enemies refer to me as The HULK!
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