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Why does controller only work on port 2? How to change input targets?


Running 2.5 and noticed I can only use controller set to port 2 (Joy2). If I set it to Port 1 (Joy1), the game (IK+ in this case) does not recognize it. Also tried Lotus, but get the same result, controller works on port 2, but not port 1.

Why is that? Is the Amiga native port for a joystick port 2?

I noticed that if I use a second controller, then all is fine APART from player 1 controller is on Port 2 (Joy2) and player 2 controller is on Port 1 (Joy1). It's not a big issue, but ideally I'd like player as Port 1 (Joy1) and player 2 as Port 2 (Joy 2) to save confusion with different button configs etc.

Also I'd like change Input target, but the drop down box is grey out for buttons already assigned. For example...

Button 1 [PORT2] Joy2 Fire/Mouse2 Left Button

I cannot change this input target as drop down box is greyed out.

Lastly, is there a official manual for WinUAE please? I found one on tweakguide, but looking for full manual covering everything. I've checked in download, this forum 'new to emulation' and found F.A.Q's, but no manual.

I have search for answers to all these questions (and more) but these still elude me and you wouldn't believe how long I've been trying to figure these out.

Thank you
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