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ACA620 reset proof ram disk

ACA620 reset proof ram disk released.


- Uses ACA620 special hardware features, hidden ~2.5M RAM used for data and protected RAM for code.
- Survives reset and practically all kinds of crashes, not like other reset proof programs that disappear when execbase gets cleared.
- Automounts, autobooting supported.
- KS1.3 compatible (including automount/boot)
- Single small executable, no mountlists or other external files needed.
- Uses ROM built-in FFS under 2.0+, OFS if 1.3.

- Under 1.3 manual format is needed using format command. (KS 2.0+ introduced filesystem format packet support)
- ACA620 rev 2 required.

Command line parameters:

NOAUTOBOOT = disable autoboot.
BOOTPRI = boot priority value, default = -10.
HIGHCYL = high cylinder value, default = 220 (all memory).
BLOCKSPERTRACK = blocks per track value, default = 11.
Other geometry values match floppy disk (2 heads etc..), change highcyl to 79 if you want RAD like 880k floppy ram disk.

Unlike in my WinUAE news posts, bug reports are acceptable in this thread
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