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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
People complaining we're wasting their time? would do better to stop wasting their time with condescending responses. And for those who continue to advertise their lack of courtesy, it will be a real pleasure to ignore them.

EAB has been used to find answers faster than reading the manual. However it's clear now that without learning the basics, we will have no knowledge to build on. The linked manual in post 11 will therefore be read.
I agree with you. You are not offending anyone and if someone finds your questions repetitive or something, nobody is telling them to answer you.

You'll have my answers as long as I can help you. As I told you, now I would try WinUAE to make it all, but you have a good post of Thomas to make that install in the miggy in another thread you opened.

I've seen another mate with the same kind of complains you're getting, and I don't see him posting since then... So be strong and keep on searching your answers, and ask as much as you like.
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