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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Well I just remembered being part of a few of this guy's previous threads. It's a lost cause. I'm not "derailing" this any further, solutions have been provided for this character many times, spoon fed many times, yet it is still here asking more. The mind of the spoonfed person never ceases to amaze me
lol, I know that just trying to smooth things over a tad. It also ceases to amaze me that someone can't, and I mean can't, use their own initiative and common sense to find more than half the solutions that already lie within threads on this board.

Helping is one thing, being spoonfed everything is another situation altogether.

Please feel free to dig around EAB for solutions to your problems before starting another thread. There's shitloads of information within this board, along with links too, so if you help yourself first, I'm sure people will freely advise you knowing that you've already made that attempt first.

And erm, please respond to this post, that way I'll know you've read it and not just ignored it.
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