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A pleasure as always...

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Newbies are OK, people who do not work at all to do what they want and just want people to give them solutions spoon fed right into their mouths aren't. As said before, you have been helped plenty and you should be reading the Amiga Workbench manual. Everything I posted to you before, specially a link to an Amiga Workbench MAnual which you could have googled yourself, has been helpful, it is just your choice to ignore it.

What exactly are you contributing, then? Because I don't see it.
First off, answers to the thread can be missed, we do not ignore them.

Secondly, I am the one asking the question, not contributing to its answer.

And lastly one thing I'm not contributing to is any further communications with yourself.

Besides your are not wasting your time anymore, remember?

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