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Would still be happy to learn a possible way around it though.
You can use those ADFs on real Amiga without disk drive if you write them to rad: disk. You have to get some adf writing software too though.

But if you can get adfs and software to handle them to that CF card... you could do for example like this.

Get TransADF from Aminet and unarchive it. Copy transadf commad to CF as well as lets say install31.adf (or however your adfs are named).

Then on Amiga, open shell and type:

mount rad:
CF0:transadf DRIVE=RAD: FILE=CF0:install31.adf WRITE

Then WB install disk should appear on desktop and you can run the installer from it. Keep the shell window open and when it asks to insert another disk, then just run that transadf line again with corresponding name for adf file.

When the installation is finished, type "remrad force" in shell and reboot your amiga.

You could also use some virtual floppy software to have all needed disks mounted at once from HD, but I think rad: solution is easier as it's provided by default in OS.
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