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Thumbs down Squat is what we already know...

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You are totally confused about how an Amiga works. you are supposed to get those icons if you have no def_icons installed. Also, unless you have a program to deal with each file type, you can't use them.
You need LHA, and preferably a disk manager like Directory Opus if you don't know squat about the Shell.
Yep you could say we know squat about Shell, CLI, Opus ,ADF, LHA, UAE, IDE and a big FAT32 jack regarding def_icons.

The only way we can learn is through help of eab members. That's why we're here! Sometimes they tell us what we don't already know and sometimes their explanations are brief at best!

So we need def_icons installed now? No idea what that is. For us all that means is our DF0 is broken and we're stuck with tool icons.
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