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Originally Posted by clitosa View Post
Hi - we are having problems with files taken from our pc to amiga using a FAT32 CF.

We can take any adf or lha file from aminet on to our pc and then onto our 1200 by the pcmcia and CF.

Problem is once there, they appear as tool icons on our WB2.1. once transfered

We hear that this is to be expected as adfs are floppy disk images and that we need to write them back. However, our floppy drive is faulty so we will not be writing them back to physical floppies. It's strange though because lha files also appear as tool icons too...

Apparently they are other ways around it, such as mounting them in a virtual drive. (like a .iso file image of a CD/DVD). So maybe we could do it this way, but currently have no knowledge to so.

We are unable to download any internet files for the amiga to help with this problem as we will only find ourselves again with more tool icons.

Could someone tell us how to open and use these tool icons within WB2.1 without downloading more software.
In order to display proper icons for files, Workbench needs an associated ".info" file. For files which don't have a .info file, you can get Workbench to show a dummy icon by selecting Show All Files. But that's generally not very useful. You can work with iconless files using CLI commands.

If you don't already have LhA on your hard disk, first download it from Copy that file to the CF card. On your Amiga, open a CLI window and type something like this:
MakeDir DH0:LhA
(Replace the last command with the full path to the file.) That will unpack LhA to your hard disk.

Once you have LhA you can try out the various disk-image-mounting programs. Those should allow you to access files from ADF image files. Some you might like to try:

There's also UnADF which allows extracting files from ADF images without needing to mount them.

For easier management of files, I recommend you install Directory Opus. (I'm not sure whether that's the latest version but it should be sufficient.) You'll probably find Directory Opus much easier to use for copying, renaming, moving files than CLI commands.

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